Kid Xavier and Music Lyrics part 3
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Is it simply because he’s the ‘bad guy’?

Personally, I think he’s an amazing character. Kid Xavier is someone who lost everything in life before he was even born.
No mother, no father, no family (except the adoptive mother that he killed accidentally), nothing. He’s mad at the X-men for taking away the life he could have had. He could have been an x-men himself, and grew up in the x-mansion but because Charles is dead none of that was possible.

I think the X-men are being too harsh. Have they taken the time to ask Kid X why he’s so bitter and angry? Why aren’t they wondering about why this misguided 18 year old is so mad at us that he wants to bathe in our blood?

I can relate to how Kid X feels and maybe that’s why I sympathies with him. But people going ‘I hope he dies’ is a bit too extreme. I think he just needs someone to guide him to a better path (remember, he never had someone to properly teach him about life and all that. We don’t know how long he was with his adoptive mother)

Imagine if you lived his life… you’d go mad too!
If you say you won’t then you probably don’t know what pain is.

I’m really upset with the huge number of people who hate Kid Xavier. And I have asked people before to give me a reason to why they hate him and I swear to each and everyone one of you most of them said ‘because he’s a prick’ WELL MAGNETO IS A PRICK BUT WE ALL LOVE HIM! That’s not a valid reason!!!

Is it because he doesn’t fit in the ‘good looking category’? Yeah we all know fangirls just like a good looking badguy and only then do they give him the ‘he’s misunderstood’ excuse. Fangirl, don’t deny it.

Are people mad because they feel like Kid X is replacing Charles? If anything I think Jr would have been like Charles IF HE WAS PROPERLY RAISED BY A FAMILY!

What’s your reason to hate him?

If I have to stand alone and say he’s becoming one of my favorite characters then alone I shall stand.

Kid Xavier and Music Lyrics
Part 2 (except one which is a creepypasta)


she looks like she’s gonna kill the h8rz

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Kid Xavier and Music Lyrics

I can’t describe how much I LOVE kid X
He’s an absolutely amazing character! I hope they don’t kill him off too soon.

Video will be up shortly of how I drew this+ A lesson of who the hell these guys are!

EDIT: ((X)) <— Click here to see a video of how I drew this ^^

Video will be up shortly of how I drew this+ A lesson of who the hell these guys are!

EDIT: ((X)) <— Click here to see a video of how I drew this ^^



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